Lifestyle Assistant

Jodie Howell – Director

Step in Jodie Howell, your very own lifestyle assistant. With the motto let us take care of your “to do list”, Jodie has you covered when it comes to getting things done. We all know a few people who could use a service like this, I know I personally could.

Lifestyle Assistant is a spin-off service from New Home and Commercial Clean. The business Jodie originally started six years ago.

As someone who grabs the bull by the horns, Jodie is used to identifying needs in her community. Jodie was working in a real estate agent six years ago, when someone walked in to ask for the recommendation of a cleaning company to clean display homes. That night Jodie went home and registered a business. Just like that she was cleaning those display homes the very next week. Eight weeks later, Jodie quit her job at the real estate agency and was working full time in her own cleaning business. Two month later, she hired her first employee.

Six years later, Jodie now has several employees and cleans everything. From houses and offices to industrial worksites and even a church, in and around Geelong.

New Home and Commercial Clean is all about service. Having that extra touch that makes your home look and feel well presented.

“…we will even straighten your towels. We just want you to have that breath of fresh air feeling when you come home and feel completely relaxed.” Jodie pointed out. I even asked if she would fold the end of the toilet paper roll into a triangle, and if that’s the way you like it then that’s what she would do.

The full service philosophy is how the concept of Lifestyle Assistant came to mind. “There is always something that needs to be done and people are just too busy.”

Paired with a go-getter attitude, experience in industries like hospitality and a crazy network of contacts, Jodie can pretty much get any task done. She isn’t just the perfect person to have as a lifestyle assistant, she also absolutely loves doing it.

Jodie explained that it started with a client who wanted to get a barbecue and ceiling fans. But didn’t have time to look. “I went out and got three quotes, prepared a pros and cons list for each and presented it to the client.” So along with her team keeping your house clean. Jodie is now sourcing artwork pieces, gift shopping, unpacking groceries as well as planning and coordinating events.

I actually caught up with Jodie prior to a networking event she had a hand in organising. Lifestyle Assistant is not limited to corporate events and can be there for any moment you want an extra eye or pair of hands, including birthday parties and even weddings. Jodie will be there working in the background making sure things run smoothly so you can simply enjoy yourself. Plus, if the need for a last minute dash anywhere should arise, she has it covered.

Jodie is definitely excited about the future of Lifestyle Assistant and allowing her clients to spend more time with their family and friends. All the while helping them get to the bottom of their “to do” list.

For more on Lifestyle Assistant or New Home and Commercial Clean services and to see all the fabulous things Jodie is doing you can head to her social media profiles:

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