Erin Launer


SUPERPOWER // Keeper of The Trust, Meter of Deadlines + Debt Collector Extraordinaire

Erin is one of our original team players from our legal team who joined us with a substantial background in the legal industry just ticked over five years with us! This is Erin Launer (soon to be Moodie) + she joined our team in November 2015.

Erin joined our team, specialising in areas of conveyancing and the running of the trust account. The skills that Erin has developed over her career make her extremely efficient + organised which flow right through all area of our legal team.

Erin takes the lead on all finance matters when it comes to our clients as well as our team. Debt collecting on behalf of our clients is more than Erin’s strong point. There’s isn’t a challenge that hasn’t been accepted or a debt that has gone uncollected.

Recently when taking a family trip away for the coast, there was more than love in the air because when they returned home there was an engagement ring on Erin’s finger! At home, Erin and her partner love nothing more than to spend time with their two cheeky children, Cooper + Emily.

Get in touch below to find out why Erin is an expert when it comes to the administration of Legal Advice.

Areas of Expertise

  • Trust Fund Management
  • Debt Collection
  • Efficiency Expert

+03 5278 9500