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Special Disability Trusts

Tuesday 17th August l 10.00am

Having children can be one of the most rewarding, challenging, stressful and enjoyable rollercoasters of life!  Caring for children from the moment they’re first put into your arms right through to having an empty nest, there is nothing that you wouldn’t do to ensure that your children have the best opportunities that life can offer.

Having a child with a disability is no different!  One of the biggest concerns that we hear from our clients, is what is going to happen to my child when I pass away?  In this seminar, we are going to be covering;

  • What happens to your child with a disability when parents pass away?
  • How are they going to pay for their day to day living expenses?
  • Who is going to ensure that they are given reasonable care?
  • Where are they going to live + so much more!

We want you to come away being able to make an educated decision around the future of your child with disabilities and the options that are available for you.

Refreshments are included + all children are welcome!

Side Hustle

Thursday 19th August 2021 l 9.00am

Sitting down with director Amanda Wilkens for a session to discuss all things business and what you need to know about having a side hustle.  She will talk about having things set up correctly, what you need to considering about having a job and a business on the side as well as;

  • Where to begin, what to do + what you will need?
  • What effect does your side hustle have on your main income job?
  • How to manage your side hustle + your job at the same time?
  • When is it time for your side hustle to take over?

You will come away from this session with the knowledge of how to take your side hustle to the next level and be armed with the knowledge that you’re doing things the right way and not missing any opportunities.

Amanda will take the time to go through each and every step that is involved and what you need to take into consideration before taking the big leap of faith to take your side hustle to world domination!

Refreshments are included + all children welcome!