Retirement Planning

Planning for your retirement can be overwhelming + there are many factors to consider in your pre-retirement years!

How do you envisage your retirement?  It’s important to give continued consideration to your superannuation and its overall purpose, your retirement!

Research has found that only 44% of Australian’s over the age of 40 feel prepared for retirement.  The most common questions we’re asked by our clients include:

  • When should I retire?
  • How much money will I need for retirement?
  • Will I be eligible for Government entitlements?
  • How + when should I begin to access my superannuation?

The important thing to remember is that everyone’s idea of retirement is unique, and living your ideal lifestyle in retirement involves carefully tailored planning.

Retirement planning is something that you need to consider while you’re still working and contributing to superannuation.  It’s important to have the right financial strategy in place well before your anticipated retirement date.  This will ensure that you’re maximising your resources and boosting your retirement savings in the most effective way possible in your pre-retirement years.

Would you like to know what things you need to think about; including how much you need to retire, superannuation and consolidation, government eligibilities, accessing your superannuation and everything else to consider?

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