Disclaimer Statements, Client Waivers + Consents

Helping you mitigate risk

Perfect for clients who run businesses as consultants or facilitators, or where your service involves a degree of risk, Canny Insight can work with you to provide customised disclaimer statements and client waivers to protect you and your business.

Disclaimer statements and client waivers and consents will confirm the limits of your service to clients, as well as remind clients of what they need to be aware of and where their own responsibility lies. Waivers and disclaimers are essentially a contract between you and the customer confirming that they accept the risks or conditions associated with your product or service, and they exclude you from liability (aside from any you are not legally allowed to exclude yourself from).

Client waivers can also be useful for any business owners providing goods or services that carry a level of risk with them, such as any sport or physical activities. They are also useful for photography businesses, or any businesses hoping to use photographs and videos of clients as a part of their marketing or for social media promotion.

Such statements may be provided to clients via your website, on the footer of your emails, or in any papers or slide materials you are presenting to clients. They may also be provided as a separate acknowledgement document to be signed by clients when accepting your services.

Having these statements or documentation thoughtfully prepared by a lawyer who understands your business means they will suit your business needs and adequately protect you when and where it matters.

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