What We Do + How We Are Different

We are not your average plan manager – we are real people from real walks of life, just as you are!

We are real people from real walks of life.  We care about you and helping achieve your goals and aspirations.  We provide a personal, independent non-biased and responsive service.  As a Canny Plan Management client, you will be allocated a personal Plan Manager dedicated to helping you understand and manage your NDIS plan.  Your Plan Manager will listen to you to understand your individual circumstances and will work with you to maximise your NDIS funding.

By choosing Canny Plan Management, you will have the flexibility of choice and control in who you choose to provide and deliver your support services.  You won’t have to only use NDIS registered providers.  You can also negotiate pricing below the NDIS capped prices and make value for money decisions in line with your plan to make the most of the supports that best suit your needs.


  • Meet with you to discuss + prepare a budget based on supports identified in your plan
  • Process + pay your provider invoices within 3 business days of receipt
  • Provide you with options for invoice approval
  • Resolve any payment issues quickly
  • Provide you with monthly statements
  • Take care of financial reporting
  • Check in with you at 3 + 6 months to discuss your plan utilisation + how your funding is tracking
  • Meet with you prior to your plan expiring to help you prepare for your Plan Review, including a proposed budget to help you get the plan you need
  • Give you real-time budget + invoice tracking through our Plan Management portal
  • Provide you a Welcome Pack in your preferred format
  • Deliver a participant centred best practice model service

What Our NDIS Plan Managers Do

Canny Group has been assisting the community for over 60 years to manage their finances and help them achieve their goals.  Our NDIS Plan Management team has been specifically formed for the purpose of alleviating the stress and strain of managing your own or your loved one’s NDIS Plans.

We are registered with the NDIS and Canny Plan Management has been specifically formed for the purpose of managing NDIS Plans and helping to understand the NDIS.  It’s more important than ever to make the most of each day and be with the people you love.  

Our aim is to help you do just that!  By allowing us to be your NDIS Plan Management team, we can alleviate the stress and strain of managing and keeping on top of your NDIS funds so the focus can solely be on reaching your goals.

Having a plan manager allows you to have choice and control over the providers that you use.  Using NDIS registered and non-registered providers, negotiate pricing to pay less than the NDIS Price Guide and support catalogue, make value for money decisions in line with your plan and view your plan on the MyPlace portal to keep track of your budgets.

How Our NDIS Plan Management Team Are Different

Our aim is to help you be empowered to make the most of the supports that best suit your needs.  Let us help to free up your time to enable you to live your life to the fullest.  

We want you to make the most of your supports so that you don’t have to worry about them coming to an end and having to spend your time sorting out invoices and payments.

We are real people from real walks of life, and we care about you, your goals, and your aspirations.  We are here to help, we are here to listen and we are not your average NDIS Plan Managers.

If you are looking for an honest, reliable, and a person-centred NDIS Plan Management team, then get in touch with Canny Plan Management today and find out for yourself and your loved ones why we are taking charge in the NDIS Plan Management field.


There is no cost to you!  Plan Management is a specific stated and funded support under Capacity Building and Improved Life Choices (Choice & Control). 

If you have Plan Management in your current plan, you can contact us now to get it happening.  If you don’t have Plan Management in your current, plan, you can request that it be included in your next plan at your Plan Review meeting.

Can’t wait that long? You can contact the NDIS and ask for an early Plan Review to request adding Plan Management. 

Need advice or help with this?  Fill out the form and we will work on this together.

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