Intellectual Property

Intellectual property + what that means to you

All businesses hold Intellectual Property (IP), whether it’s in their specific creations, designs, inventions, documentation, presentations or their technical information and processes in performing a service.

Many business owners take it for granted that their IP will always stay theirs and don’t think about the threat to their business if their IP or business know-how is taken and copied by clients, employees, or competitors. IP is an essential part of the value of your business, and it’s crucial that you put in place adequate protections to prevent this valuable business asset being lost to your business.

We can protect your business’s IP in the following ways:

  • Ensuring all of your Employment Agreements, Independent Contractor Agreements and Joint Venture Agreements contain appropriate clauses covering intellectual property and confidentiality;
  • Through the use of post-employment restraints in employment agreements in order to prevent employees soliciting clients or supplier networks and using them in a competitor’s business, or in setting up their own business;
  • Preparing customised agreements and licenses protecting your intellectual property while being used by outside businesses or customers;
  • Making trade mark or patent applications on your behalf through IP Australia; and
  • Providing you with specific legal advice on how best to protect your business’s intellectual property and know-how.

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