Internal Policies

Ensure best business practices + minimise liability

If you have a growing business with employees you may be aware that having your own internal policies covering the rules and regulations specific to your business is a really good way to ensure best business practices and minimise liability.

As a part of our business Subscription Package options, Canny Insight offers an internal legal and regulatory review of your business. Some of the Policies we can prepare for your business include:

  • Workplace Equal Opportunity Policy – confirming your organisation’s stance on preventing discrimination, harassment, vilification and bullying within your workplace;
  • Leave, parental leave and flexible work arrangements policies;
  • Policies dealing with your standards of behaviour and safety within the workplace, such as dress code, smoking, and OH&S policies;
  • IT policies confirming employee obligations in relation to cyber security, confidentiality, privacy and data protection, and the appropriate use of your company’s IT devices and equipment;
  • Motor vehicle policies for the appropriate use of any company vehicles; and
  • And any other policies specific to the regulatory needs of your industry.

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