Edwina Wilkens


SUPERPOWER // Bringing Ideas To Life With Extra Sparkle + Outside of The Box

Never one to shy away from a challenge or taking on an extra task, it’s no wonder Edwina joined our team (officially) in 2013 to head up the administration team for the tax time season.  Drawing on her many years of experience working in the fast-paced hospitality industry, she was able to bring her ‘forward on the spot thinking’ and multi-tasking abilities with her to help our team.

While Edwina has been with our team (unofficially) since before she could walk, it was her many years of working with our firm on weekends, throughout school holidays and sometimes even after school that she really got to know and love our clients.  She remembers when she was given the opportunity to take two of our long-standing clients on an outing to the bank to teach the elderly couple how to use their new ATM card!  While for some this may be something that isn’t even considered “a thing” in everyday life, but for this couple, it was going to help them greatly.

A passion for design lead Edwina to have a lengthy background in the fashion industry.  Working behind the scenes in the buying and production departments for one of not only Australia’s biggest fashion companies but also a global empire is what really fueled the fire for her love of executing campaigns on tight budgets and even tighter turnaround times.

Bringing her experience of design and forward-thinking to our team led her to take charge of Canny Group’s marketing and business development.  She has taken it in a direction that hasn’t been done before.  “Why does accounting, financial planning, the law and NDIS Plan Management have to be boring?” Edwina is often heard saying around our office and with that, a new challenge is accepted!  Being at the helm of Canny Group’s re-location and re-brand in 2019 challenged Edwina to find ways to ensure our clients weren’t left behind and they knew that our new home, was their new home too.  Always drawing on her many years growing up in and around our office, getting to know our clients is what Edwina leans on most when planning to communicate to our clients and with the launch of our NDIS Plan Management service arm – throw in there the challenge of communicating to our clients with disabilities in their preferred format is just another thing she takes in her stride.

When she isn’t working around the clock to bring new and exciting ideas to life, she is usually working on friends branding designs and websites that she does in her own time!  Give her a day off and the first place you will find her is at the beach with family and friends or planning the next adventure to go on.

Areas of Expertise

  • Branding Warrior
  • Content Creator
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Website Development + Management
  • Event Management
  • Ideal Client Identification

Memberships + Boards

  • North Shore Football + Netball Club Committee – Netball

+03 5278 9500