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Jamie grew up in the country of Ohio in the United States where she learned she had a knack for numbers.  Such a knack, in fact, that she was asked by her high school accounting teacher to help tutor the other students.  And she did – not for extra credit but because she was, even from this young age, passionate about what she was learning.  It was from this year in school, in 2003, that Jamie knew that the accounting and finance industry was where she belonged.

She started her formal accounting education at Wright State University in Ohio, and, in 2009, she threw caution to the wind and moved to Australia with just one packed suitcase and the clothes on her back.  She had found love and would grow to identify Australia as her place in the world.

She graduated from The University of Newcastle in 2011 with a Bachelor of Commerce, and with excitement that could only parallel a five-year-old in a candy shop, she found her first job in a small accounting firm in Newcastle.  From there, she obtained her Graduate Diploma in Chartered Accountancy, and she knew she wasn’t done yet because there was only one other thing that rivalled her knack for numbers – it was her drive to use that knack to help as many people in her community as she could.

Moving from Newcastle to Ballarat and joining Canny Group in 2016, Jamie started in her role as a Senior Accountant providing complex and expert advice to clients from many industries.  Within a year, the directors recognised Jamie’s ability to not only provide quality advice to clients but to also take on and achieve successful outcomes on projects with ease.  She was then quickly promoted to her current position of Accounting Manager, and, still going strong five years later, Jamie loves every aspect of her role.

As a senior accountant, Jamie provides advice to a variety of clients – everyone from salary and wage workers and owners of small businesses to complex family groups with multiple businesses and entities.  She also has a bit of a niche in the office of helping clients handle their loved ones deceased estates.

As a manager, Jamie oversees and closely works with the accounting and bookkeeping teams by keeping the team’s expert skills up to date and ensuring all advice and work provided to our clients is completed timely and to a high standard.  We pride ourselves on having expert knowledge of all things tax and accounting that is up to date which allows us to provide that high quality and consistent advice that our clients love.

Jamie is still passionate about her knack for numbers, but what drives her most now is the understanding that her knowledge and skills, painstakingly learned over decades and through multiple phases of her life, are being used every day to help each client that walks through Canny Group’s doors.

Outside of the office, you’ll always find Jamie headfirst in a book and playing games of all kinds with her beautiful partner Ryan and spending quality time with their children as well as family and friends.  Boardgame night anyone?

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Areas of Expertise

  • High Level  Taxation Advice


  • Bachelor of Commerce
  • Chartered Accounting
  • Diploma of Financial Services

Memberships + Boards

  • Charted Accountant Specialist

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