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IN YOUR OWN WORDS… what is Archive Wine Bar?

With over 150 wines by the glass, Archive offers a wine drinking experience you cannot find elsewhere.  All wine drinkers, from to those with a casual interest through to enthusiasts and Sommeliers will find something they love at Archive.  Unlike other wine bars, you will never get tired of our wine list!


Our business partners, Ray and Maree of Lethbridge Wines, purchased an existing wine bar and then approached us to help create something special.

Graham and I (like most people) always had a dream of owning our own wine bar one day, so we certainly had some ideas.  With our combined experience in the wine industry and my background in delicatessens, Archive is the expression of everything we love about wine and food.

Our children were young at the time so we also wanted to create a space that we would want to be in – Archive has a beautiful garden where families can relax while enjoying an amazing wine selection, delicious grazing platters and exceptional service.


We opened Archive in August of 2018 and have been enjoying a nice pace of growth since then, particularly after lockdown when our garden area really started to get some attention!

EVERYBODY HAS SOMETHING… what do you love about your job?

I love working with Graham every day.  We have complimentary skill sets and a never-ending passion for food and wine, so things are never boring.

I also love working for myself and the flexibility this provides for my family.  My last job was in a government agency and the hours were long and stress levels high, so this opportunity enabled me to take more control of my working life.

WOULD YOU SAY YOUR JOB IS EXCITING… or do you just spend your days pouring glasses of wine?

Ha ha!  I actually do more of the administration and strategic planning for our businesses now so the only wine I pour is for myself!

I love my job and can make it as exciting as I can handle (at any particular moment) as there is never any shortage of great ideas floating around.

WHAT DOES A DAY IN YOUR SHOES at Archive Wine Bar look like?

I also administer another business called The Geelong Wine School too, so I am usually making sure our students are looked after, I’m checking in on my staff at Archive, and I’m following up on leads for our businesses.

Right now I’ve been working hard to help establish the Belmont Traders Inc, our new local business association, and applying for grants to hold a community event in Belmont next year.

EVERY BUSINESS NEEDS AN ADVISOR… who do YOU turn to for help +/or advice?

Amanda Wilkens has been amazing at helping Graham and I shape our thinking for a secure future for our family and businesses.

I first heard Mandy share her experiences of being a woman and young mother in business at a networking event and have since developed a deep regard and trust for Mandy.

So even on a personal level, I have taken advice from Mandy and her experiences to make sure I can maintain a family and work balance that helps me approach difficult situations with a positive and resilient mindset.

WE HEARD ON THE GRAPEVINE… that you have been doing some very exciting things, what is planned for the future of Archive Wine Bar?

We tried to use our time in lockdown effectively and put our staff and ourselves to work on a new functions space in the shed at the back of our garden.

We are very excited to have this lovely new space that is weatherproof, and our customers have been enjoying it too.

Graham has started hosting his monthly wine tasting events in the ‘Shed’ and we look forward to hosting many parties and work functions in this unique, comfortable and relaxed space once people feel like it is safe to start planning these kinds of events again.

OK, NOW I’M THIRSTY… how do I get in contact +/or find out more about Archive Wine Bar?

You can visit our website to find out more, view our menus, check out our upcoming events, make a reservation or functions enquiry.

Archive Wine Bar Wine Drinking Experience – Client Insider l Canny Group

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