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Sit & Stay Pet Services

Entrusting your furry four-legged friend with someone when you’re heading away overnight, engaging in training walks or one-on-one sessions or simply taking them for a walk when you’re at work all day is a big decision.  Pets are a big part of anyone’s family and when you come across Jayde and Tahlia from Sit & Stay Pet Services you’ll quickly understand why these girls are taking their industry to a new level with the standards they set which shines through in the work that they deliver.

The love Jayde and Tahlia have for their “job” and the passion that they have for educating both our four-legged friends and their owners shines through in the way they are able to deliver both a personal and professional service to their clients.  When asked what they love most about their job, the girls were quick to answer “being able to form great relationships with our clients, both humans and dogs, and being able to assist them in strengthening their bond with each other” and for us, we knew that we had to share what these girls do for their clients.

Apart from the obvious… in your own words, what is Sit & Stay Pet Services?

Sit & Stay Pet Services is more than just a business for us – it’s a passion project that was created with the idea that we would be able to make a difference.  We aim to educate our clients, both humans and dogs, to build stronger bonds and better communication between them.

Tell us the story – your story, of how Sit & Stay Pet Services came about/to life + how long have you been up + running for?

Sit & Stay Pet Services was both a spontaneous and well thought out decision.  When we got together one weekend, almost a year and a half ago, the idea of Sit & Stay came about quite easily.  Having already been working in the animal care industry for some time, we knew we wanted to build a business that we felt filled the needs that were lacking in the industry.

Everybody has something they love, what do you love about your job?

What we love most about our job is being able to form great relationships with our clients, both humans and dogs, and being able to assist them in strengthening their bond with each other.  We also love that we are able to provide a comfortable and safe service for those that struggle with the kennel environment.  Knowing that we helped make a difference in their lives is the greatest feeling and really motivates us to grow our business and continue providing quality service.

What was your “lightbulb moment”?  The moment you realised that Sit + Stay Pet Services was going to be your footprint on the doggy world?

Our lightbulb moment was when Jayde first arrived at an overnight client’s house and was presented with an emergency situation.  She quickly contacted both the owners to keep them updated throughout the situation and Tahlia for assistance.  In a situation that would normally cause panic and stress, we managed to remain calm and were able to put our skills to great use.  We dropped everything and our main priority was this dog’s health and wellbeing.  We both stayed by this dog’s side providing comfort and reassurance until the owners arrived to take over at the emergency vet later that night.

This situation was our lightbulb moment because it showed that we were able to provide a personal and professional service due to our combined knowledge, experience and qualifications.

There’s a lot of competition out there for the industry that your business is in, what sets YOU apart from the next business that is offering these wonderful services for our four-legged fluffy friends?

We believe that we go the extra mile for our clients because we provide services that can be altered to their specific needs.  The main thing that first made us stand out was our ‘Training Walk’ service that allows us to lay down the foundations for the dogs and help set up the owners for success.  We found that there was no such service already provided in the Geelong region.

What are some of the biggest struggles that you see your clients + their pets struggling with when they first start to work with you?

We typically see a lot of clients that are struggling on walks with their dogs, for example, pulling on the lead, disengagement around other dogs and people, struggle with recall and basic manners.

We are able to educate our clients that this is commonly due to a lack of clear communication between them and their dogs and also occasionally a lack of knowledge of their dog’s instinctual needs of enrichment, and breed fulfilment.

What are some of the little joys that you bring to those that have entrusted you with their pooches to bring them into their full potential?

We love to send through little updates throughout the day for each of our clients on how their pets are doing.  We always get positive feedback from the owners who are always so appreciative of these updates.

We also like to believe that from the services we provide we are able to bring joy and harmony to their home lives.

If we were to spend a day in your shoes – what would that look like?

For us every day looks a little different, but they are typically filled with lots of training walks, one-on-one sessions, house visits and the occasional meeting to review and build on our business.  We typically end our day relaxing at an overnight pet sitting job.  We know our days will always be filled with our wonderful clients and their gorgeous dogs.

What do you consider a good day at work for you?

It’s going to sound cheesy but honestly, every day is a good day at work for us.  We are so grateful that we get to be constantly surrounded by such wonderful people and their lovely pets.  Even if it’s a rainy day we are still able to find little joy when we’re working with our amazing clients.

Every business needs an advisor… who do you turn to for help at Canny Group + with so many accountants Geelong has on offer, why Canny Group?

We chose Canny Group because we had heard such glowing reviews and after our first meeting with Jamie, we knew we had found the right place to trust with our business.

They made us feel confident in our ideas, especially when we were a little unsure or lost but they helped us set up a successful business.

What kind of support have you received from Canny Group since joining forces with them as your accountant?

They are always able to quickly accommodate us with a meeting or a phone call when we need assistance.  They are active and engaged followers on our social media which we know we wouldn’t get from the average accountant.  They were able to simplify explanations to us in a way that two people with no prior experience in owning or running a business could understand completely.

Looking into your “Sit & Stay Pet Services crystal ball”… What do you see the future looking like for you + your business?

We are aiming to have our days completely booked with walks, training sessions, and overnight pet sitting and to continue providing a quality and personalised experience to all our loyal and amazing clients.  In the far future, we are hoping to expand our business in new and exciting ways without giving away too much!

How do I get in contact + find out more about what you offer?

We are mainly active on our Facebook and Instagram accounts, where you can see what we offer and read all about our services:

Facebook: @sitandstaypetservices20

Instagram: @sitandstaypetservices

We also have a website with in-depth information about our business:

Or, alternatively, our email is: if you want to get in touch with us.

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