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SPRUCED Geelong is a natural home service giving their clients the service that they deserve!  Owner and director Hannah prides her business on reliability, consistency, sustainability, attention to detail and above all – trust!  SPRUCED Geelong offers boutique service to all of their clients who appreciate the values they live by.  Using quality, eco-certified products, Hannah leaves your home free from harsh chemicals and fragrances.  The love they have for using all things natural, cruelty-free (goes without saying!) and Australian made as well as where possible, choosing vegan products is second to none!  Introducing, SPRUCED Geelong Natural Home Service – Client Insider l Canny Group.

What is SPRUCED Geelong…?

We are a natural cleaning and home service priding ourselves on exceptional standards and extraordinary service.

Established and operated locally, we are passionate about sustainability.  As a natural home service, we assist with a range of professional services that allow them to spend more time doing what they love.  Whether it be tidying, attending to an epic to-do list, cleaning, organising, gardening, sprucing a funky fridge or changing bed linen – we do it all!

We treat our clients like family and it is paramount they get the service they deserve.  We pride ourselves on reliability, consistency, sustainability, attention to detail and above all – trust.

We offer a boutique service to clients who appreciate the values we live by.

TELL US THE STORY… your story – of how SPRUCED Geelong came about + to life?

We are a local family priding ourselves on sustainable practices and the benefits of using natural products within the home.  We are dedicated to using less plastic, fewer chemicals and being more present in this beautiful life.

Someone told us “don’t die wondering”, so SPRUCED Geelong was born!

We are incredibly passionate about helping our clients to spend more time doing what they love, whilst enjoying the benefits of a clean, healthy and sustainable living environment for their tribe.

Maintaining a sense of organisation in the home is important to our fam, as it reduces stress levels and delivers many health benefits.  When you’re home and life is in order, it gives you more time to create memories with loved ones.  After all, isn’t that what we should be doing?

We live by the motto – “A happy home is a natural one.”

HOW LONG has SPRUCED Geelong been up + running?

We launched last month and it has been fabulous to meet so many wonderful locals who are just as excited about our service as we are.

What do YOU love about your job?

We love helping busy humans!  We’ve been there – that’s why we get it.  We’ve had the stress of big to-do lists that you don’t seem to make inroads on or not enough time to call your folks to say “hi” because you’re still attending to work emails at 10 pm.  Helping our clients tackle their individual needs is very rewarding to us, because we know what it means – they can spend more time doing something they love, and you can’t really place a value on that.

Also… no desk chair is needed here!  This is a physical job and no gym membership is required.

THERE’S A LOT OF COMPETITION out there for the industry that you’re diving into – what sets YOU apart from the rest?

It all comes down to our natural approach.  We pride ourselves on our attention to detail.  Our reliability.  Our consistency.  Above all, TRUST.  These are all values we live by and how we are raised.  We don’t provide a flat service with no flexibility.  We customise and leave no stone unturned.

We ensure clients get extraordinary service and we do it in a sustainable manner.  We want our clients to come on a journey with us, to create a safe home for them to relax and create memories in.

WOULD YOU SAY your job is exciting… or do you just spend your days cleaning?

Absolutely!  Because no job is ever the same.  All our servicing is personalised to suit the needs of each individual household.

We don’t believe one size should fit all.  Not all clients use us for our cleaning abilities.  One minute we could be organising a walk-in robe to be more functional, the next we are pulling weeds until the cows come home.  We enjoy what we do, that’s our point of difference.

What does a day in your shoes at SPRUCED Geelong look like?

Days start early with a good breakfast and coffee for us.  The majority of our work is physical, so good fuel is vital to keep us going.

No day is ever the same, but the one thing that remains constant is our communication.  Ensuring we meet the demands of our small family, business and social circles are all very important to us.

Our day ends with quiet time to de-brief, plan and reflect on just how blessed we are to be doing what we love.

Every business needs an adviser… who do YOU turn to for help?

It’s fair to say, we’ve had our fair share of consults with Amanda Wilkens.  Her knowledge of tax, coupled with her passion for supporting women in business is inspiring.

We’ve also used Canny Legal to ensure our Wills are legally binding.  After having the difficult task of handling an estate without a Will recently, we cannot stress the importance of making your wishes known to those you love.  If you haven’t got a Will, make a call to Canny Legal as soon as you finish reading this sentence.

We heard on the grapevine that you’ve been SO BUSY you’re already looking to expand?  Do you see a demand for chemical-free options around the house?

You heard correctly!

More people are becoming aware of the adverse impacts chemicals, plastic and fragrances are having on our health and environment.  We pride ourselves on taking a healthier approach, using only quality, eco-certified products, freeing your home of nasties, so everyone can breathe easier.

There are approximately 2.7 million people in Australia who suffer from Asthma, with the majority also experiencing allergies.  Being able to provide a safer alternative within our local area for those suffering allergies or other health concerns is a real privilege.

RIGHT… how do I get in contact or find out more about SPRUCED Geelong?

Call us “old hat” but we prefer a chat on the phone or via email.

Our time is too precious for scrolling, so you won’t find us on socials…

p. 0439 984 112

e. sprucedgeelong@gmail.com

w. www.sprucedgeelong.com.au

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