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Steve Beatty was trekking near Everest base camp when the devastating 2015 Nepal earthquake hit and he experienced first-hand the desolation inflicted onto the beautiful Nepalese people.  A month passed following the devastation of the earthquake and Steve was still in Nepal, rallying financial support from back home in Geelong.  He successfully raised enough month to send essential supplies by the truck load to remote areas that desperately needed it.  It was life changing for the communities, but also for Steve and that’s how We All Rotate was born.


We All Rotate is an Australian registered Not for Profit charitable organisation that focuses its operations entirely in Nepal.

We provide financial aid and educational opportunities for children and families living in poverty, and those struck by tragedy, loss or abandonment.  We source appropriate schools for children who have never stepped foot in a school before, or we negotiate with the child’s current school to form a partnership where we pay and cover all educational fees for that child moving forward.

We do this through a unique and personal sponsorship program. Sponsors pay a monthly amount and through this they provide the gift of an education, and they get regular updates and progress reports, videos and pictures from us and their sponsored child.  Sponsors also get the privilege of watching their involvement impact and completely change the lives of a child and their family.  As of November 2019, We All Rotate have over 90 students in our sponsorship program, and we will have more children in the coming weeks who have been evaluated as being in urgent need of sponsorship support for their education.

We also work to reduce the stigma, social injustices and poor healthcare surrounding menstruation in Nepal.  In rural areas we run health information classes for women and students, and provide reusable sanitary wear products made in Australia by an incredible team of volunteers.  In Kathmandu we also run classes in schools informing on women’s health and hygiene, menstruation and self-care.

In 2019 we started running Adventure Leadership and Teamwork treks for our sponsored students.  Students 14 yrs and older have the opportunity to participate in a trek into the Himalayas, where they see first-hand the beauty of their own country,  as many have never moved far from their homes.  They participate in games and activities that foster team building and leadership skills, and they are challenged physically with long days of trekking, and mentally with their own self-discovery and ability to face and overcome challenges.

We also provide financial aid periodically to those desperate for hospital treatment and surgery.  This past year we have helped a young boy get treatment for 3rd degree burns to most of his body, when he was caught in a house fire that claimed the life of his mum.  We supported a young girl with spinabifida that had created a large growth on her spine and left her incontinent and therefore a social pariah, and threatened to take the use of her legs into future.  Her intricate operation was a success, she is no longer is incontinent, she can return to school, and she will now not lose her ability to walk.  We covered costs of surgery, medication, food and toiletries for 4 year old girl violently attacked by her step father.  She needed immediate surgery and a part of her skull removed to release the pressure on her brain.  We monitored and supported her progress for months until she was given the all clear to go home.  We can only help these people because of the generous donations we receive – the support has been amazing.


We All Rotate was born out of the devastating 2015 Nepal earthquakes when I [Steve Beatty, now CEO/Founder of WAR] was trekking near Everest base camp and I saw first-hand the devastation and desolation inflicted on the beautiful Nepalese people when the earthquakes struck.  I stayed in Nepal for a month following the earthquake and rallied financial support from home in Geelong, and raised enough money to send truckloads of essential supplies to remote areas that desperately needed it.  It was life changing for the communities, but for me also.

Upon returning home I was unable to forget the scale and impact of the tragedy I had witnessed, and I was determined to continue helping the Nepalese people in some capacity.  In 2017 I registered the charity, and was guided and supported through the process by Canny Group.

EVERYBODY HAS SOMETHING… what do YOU love about you job?

Although my contribution to We All Rotate is entirely voluntary, this is the most rewarding job I have ever done.  I now reside permanently in Kathmandu, and I get to see firsthand the lives changed through education and support.  I’ve learned that my presence in a room beside a mother or father who have reached desperation point, and just listening to their story, can be extremely supportive – and I love doing that.  I also love sharing with our sponsors stories and videos that highlight the impact they’re making, and how their generosity is life changing – and I love seeing friendships grow between sponsors and the sponsored child and family.


Yes it can be, but it can also be very hard and emotionally draining at times.  Seeing the hardship, and not being able to help everyone is tough.  Coming across children totally abandoned, and intervening in domestic abuse cases and sexual violence cases is heart wrenching.  I’m currently dealing with grandparents who are looking after their 6 yr old granddaughter after both the mother and father have abandoned her.  Now the grandparents no longer want her and we are desperately working on finding a solution to this.  Soon that little girl will be safe, in school and cared for. Yes, my job is exciting!


We will continue to grow, but gradually.  We have no desire for We All Rotate to become a large organisation; my plan is to continue to operate as we do and do it well, for the sake of our sponsored kids and for our sponsors.  Our sponsors often make a real financial sacrifice to assist a child each month, and our ability to be able to sustain a close relationship with them is also important to us.  Additionally, although we have a very active social media profile, we intend to grow that presence with future social media use, and when funds allow, with website design features.

We will run at least two leadership and team building treks per year for students.  One for girls and one for boys, and we are considering offering this as a fantastic opportunity for key individuals wanting to travel to Nepal and participate in the trekking program and offer their skills as a mentor.

We continually are being asked by schools within Kathmandu to run our women’s hygiene training classes, and also have now been requested to initiate “appropriate behaviour between the sexes” classes.  Schools have seen the rapport and respect we have with the kids – and they want more!  In the future with funding we can provide resources and wages for local Nepalese women who can assist WAR to roll this out on a larger scale.

HOW DO I GET IN CONTACT.. find out more + look at being a sponsor?

If you would like to hear more, be involved, donate or sponsor we would love to hear from you.




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