Debt Recovery

As an unfortunate aspect of business, but vital to your continued success we will help you through the debt recovery process!

We have experience in enforcements of judgements through bankruptcy and liquidation, acting for insolvency practitioners in preference claims under the Corporations Legislation and providing advice in respect to PPSR legislation.

Our boutique advice and actions are always focused on the impact on your business of the debt recovery and enforcement costs and understand that regular communication with you is vital.

It is important to deal with debts correctly and efficiently otherwise you can miss out on rights that you are entitled to or find yourself in a difficult situation if you do not act quickly.  

Whether you are a creditor or a debtor it is vital to get appropriate legal advice in relation to money that you owe or are owed.

We will go through how the debt came to be, the options you have to recover the debt as well as the most appropriate method, endorsing the debt and how we plan on pursuing the debt.

Recovering money that is owed to you!

At Canny Legal, we can pursue unpaid debts and if necessary, issue proceedings in all jurisdictions to obtain judgement in order to recover the amount.

We can give you advice in relation to the different options available to a creditor and the best avenue to recover what is owed to you in a cost effective way.

If you have been unable to recover a debt owed, we can issue proceedings on your behalf and obtain judgement and if necessary, assist in enforcing the judgement against a debtor.

On the other hand, if you owe money to a credit it is just as important to act quickly and seek legal advice.

If a creditor obtains a judgement against you, it can be very arduous and difficult to reverse.  

There are important time limits with respect to debt recovery proceedings and this is why it is always a good idea to take the time to obtain appropriate legal advice at the outset.

There are many ways that a debt can arise and in many different contexts.  However the debt came about, the best method and correct forum for recovering a debt will often depend on the context in which it has arisen.

Our team has assisted a large number of businesses to recover both small and large secured and unsecured debts and will tailor our approach based on your business for each attempted recovery.

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