Day: 23 August 2019

The Butterfly Plan - Roxie Bennet is changing the way women can live their lives to the fullest

The Butterfly Plan

Life coach, radio broadcaster, speaker, entrepreneur, influencer and dear friend of The Canny Group, Roxie Bennett is a life changer and ‘butterfly woman’ with a mission to build a kaleidoscope of butterflies wherever she goes.  Roxie Bennett combines life coaching and her work as a radio presenter with running her boutique marketing, events and PR …

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Canny Legal has a team of solicitors ready to help with your Estate Planning

Estate Planning

I’ve often thought that ‘life planning’ would be a much more appropriate label than ‘estate planning’; estate planning is [and should be] so much more than simply planning for your death. Of course, planning for how your assets should be dealt with upon your death by preparing a Will is an important component of the …

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Canny Accounting are here to walk you through the process of finalising your loved ones estates

Deceased Estates

There are no inheritance or estate taxes in Australia.  The person responsible for administering a deceased estate is most commonly referred to as an executor, but could also be an administrator where letters of administration are granted by a court.  Both are considered a legal personal representative by us. When a person dies, there are …

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