All Aboard The Miniature Railway Adventure Park

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All Aboard The Miniature Railway Adventure Park

Written by: Edwina Wilkens l Marketing + Business Development Manager

Anybody who has children, a grandchild, nieces and nephews, godchildren or simply children they enjoy spending time with will understand the look of excitement and intrigue they see in a child’s eyes when they see a train for the very first time.  Whether that be Thomas The Tank Engine on television, a train go past when you’re in the car waiting at a railway crossing or if you’re lucky enough to have been on the adventures of Puffing Billy.

It’s not just the sheer amazement that you see children being captivated in by the size of the trains, it’s the inquisitive nature that children have that overloads them with excitement and wonder which turns into endless opportunities and questions.  But have you ever had the opportunity to take your children to a miniature railway?  One that they are able to take rides on, one that supports the local community and one that offers a day out for the entire family to enjoy no matter how big, small, young or old you are?

Canny Group is proud to be supporting the implementation of the Geelong Miniature Railway development, not to mention that the plans for this miniature railway is right in our backyard, at home where we started, in the northern suburbs of Geelong.

The vision that the team behind this development has one clear vision;

To develop and operate the Geelong Miniature Railway as a successful, affordable days outing and fun family entertainment that co-operates with kindred organisations, participates as a corporate citizen, contributes to the local economy and provides first rate facilities for the wider education, tourism and rail enthusiasts markets.

Geelong Miniature Railway Inc.

The Geelong Miniature Railway Inc and the Lions Club of Corio/Norlane are a Not-for-Profit organisation that are non-denominational community groups composed of ex-servicemen, women and the general public, who are all community-minded.

These two fantastic organisations have come together and are currently planning to contract a community built and run 7 1/4 inch and 5-inch miniature railway and Family Park within Geelong’s northern suburbs.  This railway will be a tool for raising needed funds for charitable organisations, to help them support the people within our region who are disadvantaged and sometimes vulnerable.

The overall mission is to inspire our community to get involved in this amazing project, where they can use their knowledge, expertise, and experience to teach others within the community their skills, with special emphasis on teaching our community younger generation new and invaluable skills that can last them a lifetime.

The success of this project is coming to life is largely dependent upon the financial support that is received from corporations, businesses, grants as well as individual sponsors.

Community Inclusiveness

Did you know that The Department of Human Services studies have shown that being part of a community project helps to improve both your mental health and your physical health?

The world in which we find ourselves living in today is nothing short of unstable and uncertain.  That being said, the increase of services to help the people within our community with their mental health has increased dramatically.

By building an effective network of organisations and people, including parents, guardians and carers, this project aims to be able to support under-aged children to develop trade skills which will also help in reducing the risk of engagement in behaviour and activities that too often has the potential to lead them down a path that they don’t want to be on and more often than not, where they find themselves.

Working With Schools

There has been a great deal of thought and practical thinking that has gone into the work of this project with the goal to be able to engage with local kids to be able to teach trade skills on campus at our local secondary schools, where the schools will be provided with the blueprints, allowing those students to construct carriages.  Using their practical thinking and their hands to be able to bring these projects to life.  Better yet, the skills learnt through these projects will give students an advantage when applying for trade-based apprenticeships as well as employment later on in life depending on where their passion leads them.

Providing a community onsite equipped fabrication workshop, allowing teaching opportunities to the wider community but also to help engagement with local youths and teaching trade skills in a safe environment.  But it’s not just for the local teenagers to learn new skills in a safe environment, there is also a shed that is planned as a meeting place to provide an avenue for all socioeconomic demographics to participate and forget life’s struggles, even if it is just for one afternoon!

All Aboard The Project Sponsorship Program

There are many ways in which you as an individual can be involved with this project that the Geelong Miniature Railway is getting off the ground with a variety of different sponsorship options.

Buy A Sleeper


  • A plaque bearing your chosen name engraved and placed on a sleeper with the Geelong Miniature Railway – this plaque will remain in place for the life of the sleeper
  • Two ride tickets valid for use at the Grand Opening of the Geelong Miniature Railway

Buy A Track Section (approx. 1 metre)


  • A plaque bearing your chosen name engraved and placed on a track section within the Geelong Miniature Railway – this plaque will remain in place for the life of the track section

Buy a Track Length (approx. 3 metres)


  • A plaque bearing your chosen name engraved and placed on a track length within the Geelong Miniature Railway – this plaque will remain in place for the life of the track length
  • A Certificate of Appreciation
  • Two all-day passes valid for use at the Grand Opening of the Geelong Miniature Railway

Buy A Point


  • A plaque bearing your chosen name engraved and placed on a point within the Geelong Miniature Railway – this plaque will remain in place for the life of the point
  • A Certificate of Appreciation
  • 12 month pass for unlimited rides for you and a friend (non-transferable) during the Geelong Miniature Railway public days

Next Stop… The Railway Support Program

Have you ever considered your business or organisation becoming a Railway Supporter of the Geelong Miniature Railway?

Carriage Sponsorship


  • Your carriage painted in your corporate colours
  • Your carriage with sign writing of your companies details and important information
    • Each carriage has a Westinghouse Air Braking system
    • Padded seats for extra passenger comfort
    • Your carriage is 3 metres long, by 680mm wide and can comfortably seat two adults and three children
    • As your carriage will be in regular use and operated by railway volunteers, in return the railway will insure, store and maintain your carriage while it is online

There are a number of Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond and Pink Diamond donation options that you can find out about by contacting the Geelong Miniature Railway’s Secretary at:

It’s no secret that as adults, we enjoy a day out with our family and friends as much as our children do.  And what better way to do that than by doing it in our very own backyard, supporting an organisation like the Geelong Miniature Railway, it’s our very own adventure playground right on our backdoor step.

If you would like any further information regarding this wonderful project, please get in touch with the team behind Geelong Miniature Railway Inc as well as the Lions Club of Corio/Norlane.

President: Brian Gray


Ph. 0437 306 852

Secretary: Richard Walter


Ph. 0402 409 895

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