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It’s not often that you hear of someone considering a good days work as “one full of laughter and ending with sore feet” but for Amy Lee Carlon – that’s exactly what she considers a good day at work after putting down her camera from a day of shooting beautiful photographs.  Amy grew up facing a lot of adversity, living with a disability enables her to approach every aspect of her life in a considered and meaningful manner which shines through in the work that she produces for brands, events, families and product photography to name a few.

Amy and her team are entrusted to capture rare, precious and beautiful moments and memories and we speak from experience when we say that when your photographs are delivered after a day shooting with her team, not only will you have sore cheeks from laughing so much but you will have moments and memories in the form of photographs that will leave you speechless and you’ll want to show these cherished memories to the world.

Apart from the obvious… In your own words, what is Amy Lee Carlon Photography?

We are a photography business that offers a range of services from brands, events, families, product photography you name it – we do it.  Most importantly it is a business that captures moments for businesses and memories for people.

Tell us the story – your story of how your photography business came about/to life + how long have you been up + running for?

I have always had a camera in my hand and went to university and studied a bachelor in creative arts and design majoring in photography.  I completed further postgrad studies in marketing and after working for my university realised I really wanted to run my own business full time.  I came down to Geelong from Wagga Wagga for a five day holiday and loved the community here so without knowing anyone eight weeks after that I moved to Geelong.

My business has been up and running full time since June 2019 and despite the pandemic, with the amazing support of the local community, my business continues to grow.

Everybody has something, what do you love about your job?

I love meeting new people and taking an idea someone has and making it a visual reality.  I believe my perspective on the world is very unique and I love sharing that with my clients.

Aside from (we’re assuming) an obvious love for getting behind the camera + capturing beautiful pictures, what made you want to go into having your own photography business?

I am a very independent person and I was struggling in an office environment.  In my tiny cubicle with all of my team working remotely across NSW, I felt very limited and was only being exposed to the same thing most days.  I needed variety in my life and in-person interactions.  With the broad range of services we offer, I certainly get my dose of variety on a weekly basis and love engaging with my clients to achieve their desired results.

Dare we ask… were you able to find a way to pivot during lockdown while you were not able to go out + capture photographs?

This is an interesting one.  I think I was one of very few who didn’t try and create a new service that I could offer when we weren’t allowed out and about.  So instead I worked on creating a business model that would help once we were able to open up fully.  That’s where I was able to get the lovely Jane on board after she reached out to me which now means we are a team of two.  Now we have more booking opportunities for clients and a lot less stress for me!

There’s a lot of competition out there for the industry that you’re working in, what sets YOU apart from the next business or person that has their own offering of photography?

I have mentioned earlier I have a very different perspective on life and no that’s not just because I am very short, haha!

Having grown up facing a lot of adversity living with a disability has enabled me to approach every aspect of my life in a considered, meaningful manner.  My brand is about creating meaningful connections with clients and with brands for me, making friends and being my true bubbly laughing self is what defines my brand.

What are some of the little joys that you bring to those that have entrusted you to capture photos of the precious people + moments in people’s lives?

Jane and I certainly have larger than life personalities and you quite possibly will hear us laughing before you see us.  The experience of working with our team and the relaxed nature that brings an atmosphere of comfort and security is what we are able to provide to our clients.

What does a day in your shoes look like for when you’ve got shoots booked in + ready to go?

I usually make sure all my gear is prepped, packed and reach to go in the car.  In between actually showing up to the shoots engaging/photographing the clients I am always answering calls and writing emails.

After a shoot, I load up the images onto my computer straight away as I am usually so excited to see what we captured on a big screen and start the editing process.  In between all of this, I fuel myself with food and puppy cuddles with my dog Huxley.

What do you consider a good day at work for you?

One full of laughter and ending with sore feet!

Every business needs an adviser… who do YOU turn to for trusted help + with so many accountants Geelong has on offer, why Canny Group?

Amanda has been an amazing support to me the last couple of years.  Always willing to lend advice and check-in to see how I am doing and what my future plans are for my business.

Canny are always willing to answer my questions and offer such a wide range of services and advice, I couldn’t look past their friendly team.

What kind of support have you received from Canny Group since joining forces with them as your accountant?

Canny Group has provided me with business advice, tax support and what I find the hardest task as a business – bookkeeping support!

Looking into your “Amy Lee Carlon Photography Crystal Ball”… What do you see the future looking like for you + your business?

I really hope to continue to build a trusted local business and a supportive team that can offer an array of services.  As well as expand to a few more locations once we are able to travel while still servicing the Geelong area.

How do I get in contact or find out what your availability is to make a booking before you’re all booked out?

Head to my website and send through your enquiries there or find me on my Instagram @amyleecarlongphotography.

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