Born & Bred Historical Research

It’s not often you find two young ladies who love searching through dusty old archive books and uncovering mysteries that lie within public records. Lee Hooper loves old houses; the mysteries and stories that surround them and Phoebe Wilkens has a knack for finding any hidden skeletons in the family closet. Together these ladies are Born & Bred Historical Research Pty. Ltd. and they’re not scared to start digging into your family history.

It’s not just family history and finding missing pieces of the historical ‘puzzle’ that Lee & Phoebe have been doing in the last four years. The range of research they do includes individuals, legal practices, businesses and historical groups and societies. The research includes simple and in-depth family trees, family history research, obtaining copies of public historical records, digitisation and comprehensive research of organisations or agencies, oral histories and family narratives, presentations, scanning and digitising of slides and photographic negatives just to name a few.

Together Lee and Phoebe have over ten years experience in history, research and writing and wanted to combine those experiences and passions to help others’ find out about their own history. Celebrities such as Delta Goodrem, Shane Jacobson and Patti Newton have had their family trees put together by Born & Bred Historical Research on the hit television show “Who Do You Think You Are?”.

While no one day is ever the same, both Phoebe and Lee agree that their job is incredibly exciting. Often being asked to unlock family mysteries or find missing ancestors, there are also times for great and gruesome things that come with researching the past, they have been able to find new family members, return lost letters, discover sad stories that shed light on difficult times, find war heroes, double-identities, scandals, unseen photographs of ancestors, and of course, convicts.

If you would like to get in touch you can find them via their website:

Contact them via e-mail: OR

Simply, give them call on 0413 118 146 (Lee) or 0402 682 329 (Phoebe).

You can also find them on Facebook and Instagram.

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