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A house that’s pretty is great!  But Cranberry Design’s overall goal is to create homes that bring that feel-good, happy feeling every time you walk in the door.  Cranberry Design is a full-service interior Design Studio based in Melbourne.  Established by Principal Designer, Wendy Davey since 2010.  Wendy continues to transform countless homes all around Australia.  Sharing her wealth of experience, creativity, and passion to any project she takes on by her friendly and approachable style makes for not only an enjoyable experience, but one that will last a lifetime.

WHAT IS… Cranberry Design exactly?

Cranberry Design is a full-service Interior Design Studio based in Melbourne. Cranberrys interior projects are renowned for their warmth, creativity and personal attention to detail.  Offering a highly personalised and tailored service; Cranberry specialises in the interior design of family homes, holiday homes and ski lodges.  Working collaboratively with their clients, Cranberry Design creates uniquebeautiful and innovative homes that are a true reflection of their owners personality, taste and lifestyle. 


Principal Designer, Wendy Davey, has a diverse backgroundFinishing her degree at university, Wendy went on to practice teaching, travel the world and became a travel consultant.  Finally, in 2005, Wendy listened to her heart and followed her true passion, becoming a fully qualified Designer and Interior Stylist.  After a few projects for family and friends, word quickly spread, and within months her side project had bloomed into a flourishing full-time business. 

Wendys creativity and love of colour and texture have since seen her work featured in numerous magazines including Australian House & Garden, InsideOut, Real Living and Home Beautiful. 

HOW LONG… has Cranberry Design been up + running for?

Cranberry Design has now been up and running for just over 14 years. My first “office” was the kitchen bench at our home in Turramurra (Sydney).  

As with any new business, there were some tough times early on, but you couldnt get the smile off my face – I  knew I had found my calling.   

In 2011, my husband, Simon, took on a Project Management role in Melbourne.  For a while there, it felt like I might have to start the business again from the ground up. I can’t tell you how important having a good relationship with your clients is. My first few jobs in Melbourne were based solely on recommendations from my Sydney based clients. I’m so grateful for their support and trust in my work.  I also continued my work in Sydney with the help of good friend and designer Peta Howe of Oasis Designs.  It meant I could commute back and forwards (and see my family) and really helped with the adjustment to living in a new city.

What do YOU love about your job?

Whats not to love – we help bring our client’s dream home visions to life! There is never a dull moment; no two days are the same; no two houses are the same, and, no two clients or their styles are the same!  

There are definitely some stressful days.  Things don’t go quite according to plan – think deliveries to wrong suburbs on the wrong day!  Honestly, nothing that beats that moment when you see the joy in your clients’ eyes – when they finally get to see their beautiful made-over space. 

Im also surrounded by some amazing people! Cranberry has a great crew of suppliers and trades that go above and beyond to help our projects run smoothly, and I‘m supported daily by aincredible team of women in the studio that I trust implicitly. 

IS YOUR JOB EXCITING… or do you just get to make houses pretty all day?

A house that is pretty is great, but our goal is to create homes that bring that feel-good, happy feeling every time you walk in the door.  The making “pretty” is really such a small part of the job. First and foremost, the space that is being renovated (or built) needs to enhance our client’s lifestyle; it has to be functional and well thought out, and it has to flow seamlessly with its surrounds. To get to that stage requires lots of meetings.  A lot of spatial planning, scheduling, ordering, budgetary requirements and paperwork, I guess the not so glamourous side of things! 

WHAT ARE YOUR TOP THREE TIPS…?  When it comes to “Spring Cleaning” your house or your workspace when it comes to home styling?

Spending so much time at home now, it’s more important than ever to enjoy and be inspired in your home!  Even a couple of adjustments can make a huge difference to its look and feel. 

  • TIP ONE // Firstly, you have to think about how you use the space that needs a freshen upAre there pieces of furniture that you always bump into or that you dont like? Move them out.  Make space only for the things that you love.  Has the furniture in the room been that way since you moved in?  The look of a room can completely change simply by rearranging the furniture. 
  • TIP TWO // Bring in some colour!  Colour is more than just a visual experience; it plays a large role in how we feel.  Whether it is a fresh lick of paint on the walls or some beautiful new cushions or throwsa splash of colour can make a room feel like new.  You dont have to go with whaton trend choose a colour that makes you feel good and that works with the mood of the room.
  • TIP THREE // Invest in quality.  Everyone has a budget, but I think it is important to buy the best quality you can afford. Too often, we buy cheap, inferior products that end up costing us more in the long run.  A wellmade sofa is a far better investment than a cheap, mass-produced sofa that you have to replace every couple of years.  If your home is now your office, invest in an ergonomic desk and chair – your back will thank you for it! 

EVERY BUSINESS NEEDS AN ADVISER… who do YOU turn to for help?

Colours, lighting, joinery I’ve got you covered, but when it comes to the business side of things, I know my strengths and weaknesses and the importance of surrounding yourself with an experienced, professional team.  We’ve been working with Krys at the Canny Group for six years now, and they always offer new information, ideas and objective advice – their assistance has been invaluable.  Not only have they helped Cranberry become more efficient as a business, they’ve helped us to avoid some costly mistakes! 

LOOKING INTO THE FUTURE… what’s planned for the future?

We are currently working on some exciting design projects that will keep us very busy over the next few months, including new builds, complete renovations and some smaller residential jobs. Moving forward, we are looking to expand on the design work!  Focusing on the work we have been doing at Mt Buller, Blairgowrie and Anglesea. We have lovely builders and suppliers in many regional areas and love the joy of working on clients holiday homes – they’re always happy to take a little more risk in the design elements when its not their primary place of residence. And prettying up a home thats used for such lovely family time makes me happy. 

HOW DO I GET IN CONTACT + find out more?

We would love to hear from you! You can find us at 



Phone: 0414 906 301 


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