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So many times leading up to and post giving birth, the spotlight is on the new bub, which it definitely should be, but there was something missing!  With Donna’s passion for pre and post-natal treatments – from giving a new mother some much-needed relaxation time, helping to relieve sciatic and PGP pain to post-natal rehabilitation programs, Donna found that the new mother’s themselves were missing out and needed some looking after.

Donna Lindsay has been a personal trainer for over 12 years, group fitness instructor and manager.  She has a Bachelor of Human Movement and Exercise Science, Graduate Diploma in Exercise Science, Graduate Diploma in Exercise Physiology and a Masters in Applied Science and Clinical Sports Therapy.  To add to the list, she has also recently completed her studies in Human Nutrition so when we say it’s safe to say that you’re body is in safe hands with her – you know it’s the truth, especially for the new mums and bubs.

What is/are New Mumma Boxes?

New Mumma Boxes are curated gifts that are for the mother!

To spoil her as she should be – she’s just given birth after all.  All of the products that are included in our beautiful, hand-picked boxes have a focus on the mum with either a pampering benefit, a rehabilitation benefit or purely to be a practical gift.

We have different options of boxes for each new mumma, even a Build Your Own option!  They range from the Something Little Box, Soon-To-Be Mumma Hen, The Goddess Queen, The Vital Mumma and even something for The Zen (Mumma) Hen!

Tell us the story, your story of how New Mumma Boxes came about/to life?

Every time a friend or sister-in-law was having a baby I would find myself trying to find a different gift each time and realised that every gift was in fact, for the baby and nothing for the new mum.  Even the dads get a gift of alcohol or a lovely cigar to celebrate the arrival of their new bub and poor mum has a onesie and a feeding bib to comfort her.

Each mother goes through so much while pregnant and each mother deserves to be spoilt with a gift for her and not another cute jumpsuit – even if it is a matching one to wear with the new Bub!  New Mumma Boxes has the mum in mind and we have made a point to not include anything for the cubs (sorry babies).

How long have you been selling New Mumma Boxes for + how long have you been up + running?

New Mumma Boxes has been in the works for a couple of years but only just recently launched properly with a website and Australia wide shipping.  I wanted to make sure I was including as many local businesses as I could, so did a lot of research into the products before taking it to the next level.  Everything that is included in these beautiful boxes has had a lot of research done to ensure that the maximum benefits are going to be enjoyed by the Mum.

Everybody has something… what do YOU love about your job?

I love finding new products that are out there to spoil mum!  It’s also really nice to be able to help take the pressure off of the husbands and/or partners to find the perfect gift and then see how loved the mums feel when they receive their special little something.

There’s a lot of competition out there for the industry that you’re working in for your New Mumma Boxes – what sets you apart from the next business providing gifts for new mummas?

There is a lot of companies, and I mean a lot that do hampers and gift boxes but they all include the baby with the main focus and maybe only a small gift for the mum.  This is definitely what sets us apart from the rest of our competitors – we have EVERYTHING for the mum and even a cookbook to help the new dad do some healthy cooking as well as non-alcoholic gin to beautiful soothing face masks.

Every business needs an adviser… who do YOU turn to for help and with so many Accountants Geelong has on offer, why Canny Group?

I think that I have used every single possible service that Canny Group has to offer and I love it!

I see Amanda Wilkens for my personal and business accounting needs and she is also my business advisor.  She has been instrumental in helping me set up all of my businesses and making sure that everything is done properly and in the best structure from the get-go – even before I have even thought about it.

I have also worked with Samantha Butcher from Canny Advisory for my own personal financial advisory needs (she basically makes sure my life is in order) and finally where would I be without Canny Legal being my legal team?!  Canny Legal have also been a huge help to my business with setting up contracts and agreements for all areas of each of my businesses.

Accounting has never been my strong part of my business knowledge and I’m the first one to admit it as it used to cause me a lot of stress and take a lot of time.  Since working with Canny Group, I have found that I no longer have any stress and they make everything so much easier.  Every time, I have found that Canny Group has gone out of their way to make sure your business has the best opportunities there is to grow and expand by offering different seminars and workshops to teach you things along the way.

I have even been lucky enough to be asked to be a presenter alongside their Canny Advisory team to educate their clients and the general public around Financial Health & Wellness – it was fantastic to be asked to present alongside them.  The way that their Marketing Manager is able to include their clients into something that is going to benefit me, as a business owner as well as their other clients and anyone else who wants to come along is something you just don’t see at other firms.  Not to mention that anytime one of their team members has a new baby – I find myself fulfilling a New Mumma Box order for them.

We also heard that you are going to be moving into another area of helping pregnant + post-natal rehab… can you tell us what you’ve got planned?

With my main business, Bodhi & Co we are in the process of combing some parts of it with the New Mumma Boxes and building an online hub/program that is tailored to – you guessed it, New Mummas but with the inclusion of rehabilitation programs nutrition and return to exercise programs just to name a few.  I can’t give away all of my secrets… just yet!

What’s planned for the future of New Mumma Boxes?

I hope that we can keep expanding and sharing our products with more new mothers so that they can each experience the pampering side of having a baby.  We are focused on expanding our product line offering and definitely to be able to bring in more local businesses.  We eventually want to be able to bring in a range that is tailored specifically to the returning mum who needs some TLC.  Keep your eyes peeled, as we might even bring in a man box too!

How do I get in contact or find out more about New Mumma Boxes?

You can find us on Facebook, Instagram or go directly to our website!

Facebook: New Mumma Boxes



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